Friday, February 20, 2009

When will we ever grow up?

The initial title I had was going to be the "TRAVIS-ty of it all" ;-) But, by judging the political backlash this ridiculous cartoon has already garnered, most people probably have no idea who Travis was.

Today the NY Post offers its ‘official apology’ for the ‘racist’ cartoon. It took a lot of dots for me to draw any racist conclusions from this cartoon. You seriously have to be in that mindset, to even create that thought.

I took from the cartoon what 90% of reasonable, rational, people would have. That a Chimpanzee could have (and likely did) write the Economic Spend(ulus) Bill. It was also socially relevant and brilliantly timed considering the police recently gunned down poor Travis the Chimp, after mauling a friend of his owner. It was a clear parody. Besides, as far as I knew Travis wasn’t even a registered Democrat.

What’s worse? Dare I say it; The all too race-obsessed Rev. Al Sharpton and the largest ‘legally’ racist organization in the US (NAACP) were the biggest backers of the protests and public outcry.

I can see the good Reverand Al, waving to his neighbor in his bunny slippers, as he strolls down his driveway to pick up his copy of the NY Post. He makes his way back into his home. Snuggles down into his squeaky high-backed leather chair of his well decorated home-office. Rolls open his paper. He begins to abruptly sip his cofee when all of a sudden PsssssBBBTTTT...he spits up all over the pages at the sight of this...Travis-ty. Yeah right! Al doesn't subscribe to the Post.

We had a very similar outburst here locally in regards to a ‘President’s Day’ billboard featuring a photograph of BHO was taken down. The local NAACP stepped in and called the responsible parties ‘racist’. Who were the responsible parties, you ask; None other than the United States Air Force, in the form of the Peterson Air Force Base Commissary. They replaced the billboard with one that had no likeness after several customers pointed out that President’s Day was in recognition of Washington’s Birthday and has nothing to with the current POTUS (Yes, even in Massachussets they do not recognize the Current POTUS on this day). Yet somehow, this became a question of racism.

I hated, hated, (did I say hated) the fact that during the election process, if you told anyone you were not voting for BHO; you were a bigot and a racist. Their 1st response was always, “Why not? Because he is black?” Let’s be real here…I did not vote for BHO due to his lack of experience. I could care less if he were an alien (illegal or otherwise ;-)). Experience and eligibility of citizenship aside, many people voted the party line, regardless of color. So here we go again, and perhaps for the next 4 years.

The MSM, good people of America, and everyone else in the world for that matter. Will now need to spend the next 4 years walking on egg shells under the veil of ‘political correctness’ for fear of being called a racist. When in reality, we should be celebrating a historical achievement by a person of color.

Remember folks, this could have an negative affect on the next person of color to run. For fear of ‘fear’ some folks might chose not to select an experienced, well qualified candidate of color, simply because they fear the 4 years of egg shells.

Let us celebrate some progress here. I’ve ranted before about our obsession with race. When we finally stop adding one’s race to their title (Black President, Black NASCAR Driver, Black Head Coach…etc…) we may actually be able to move forward.

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