Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stiiiirike threeeeeee!

Obama to Fox: "I take responsibility for this mistake." He vowed his best effort to "make sure we're not screwing up again."

Obama to ABC: "This is a self-induced injury that I'm angry about, and we're going to make sure we get it fixed."

Obama to CBS: "It's frustrating for me, and it's something that I take responsibility for."

I appreciate your honesty, and accept your apology. Now, either there is an issue with the vetting process or you really felt that there is a double-standard to which public officials are exempt. I suggest correcting the former as to not have to answer to the latter.

Here’s the deal, I’m tired of exceptions; whether it’s politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc. Equal rule under the law is imperative. Equal rules, ensure equal accountability. I recall the POTUS speaking about accountability in one of his many campaign promises. Of course, I remember Bill Clinton say emphatically that “his will be the most ethical administration ever”, and look how that turned out.

Let’s get real; you want to show me ethics? Accountability? Integrity? Then let’s have a few more conversations like these. However, I don’t care to hear that you screwed up; I want to hear what SPECIFIC actions you are taking to ensure these types of ‘errors’ are not repeated.

My wife taught me the definition of integrity a long time ago. She put it in the simplest terms so that I will never forget it.

“Do what it is you say you are going to do”

That’s it…really. It’s that easy. We all make mistakes, and can be forgiven. Let’s just ensure we’ve learned something from it. In manufacturing, you correct the error and ad a new QA stop to the process (either permanently or temporarily depending on the severity). In business you call it “a training session” and update your company policies. In private you can call it a “brain fart” and apologize profusely to your wife when you “accidentally” forget to claim appx $500k in earnings, then wait 6 months after you’ve discovered the ‘error’ to rectify it before you are sworn into a highly visible cabinet position (but I digress). Whatever you do…you learn from your mistakes, are forgiven, and move on. However, when you repeat these same mistakes…well, then you are just a dummy.

I’ve always measured issues as such:

One Time = Occurrence (Caution)
Two Times = Coincidence (Concern)
Three Times = Trend (Crisis)

Three times now for this administration. Let’s get on the ball here, eh?(Good thing we aren't playing baseball...3 strikes are only good in bowling)

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