Monday, February 9, 2009

What is so scary?

Making his case in the most dire terms, President Barack Obama said that if Congress does not quickly pass an economic stimulus package, the nation will slip into a crisis so deep that "we may be unable to reverse" it.

Obama, please tell us, in detail (for once), about the dire economic forecasts behind the stimulus plan. All I hear from you is how "it’s going to get worse before it gets better", and that without a $ trillion of new spending we are headed for a catastrophe. Are you just lowering our expectations so it’s easier to claim success? I want to know why I am supposed to be so scared.

Since we are apparently headed for the end-times here, how aboutsome clear benchmarks, so we all know if the government is succeeding or failing. Especially since we have no idea what happened to the 1st $350 Billion to bail out the banks. You know, the one that apparently was overpaid. We can’t tell if the first half of the financial rescue package is working or not is we don’t really know what it was supposed to accomplish.

If the rescue plan was to restore the banks to health and pave the way for normal lending, then it failed. And, there’s another $350 billion worth of financial rescue funds just lying around. Now we have a $ trillion plus spending spree all but passed. Are you going to put the CEO’s who are managing all of these pet projects through the same public groveling that GM, Chrysler, and Ford had to go through? I think you should.

I’d like to know what exactly this spending bill is supposed to accomplish: How exactly will you measure the success of the new spending bill? Are we going to see one of those huge ‘thermometer’ gauges on the site to measure all of the new jobs we are creating? On your campaign trail you spoke of transparency, when it comes to my money (and yes, as a taxpayer I consider this my money) I think you should show us all what transperency really means. Let’s open up the ledger to the public. Additonally, I want to see Specific, Measurable, Time-bound goal setting and actual accountability.

If you can’t, then I suggest you just write us all a $9k check; that is essentially what the $850 Billion divided by the roughly 92 million US taxpayers would net.

You want to stimulate the economy? You want to think big? Send us all a big fat check…I’d certainly endorse that!

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