Friday, February 19, 2010

It’s been a while…

So much has happened since I last put my blogging pen down. Scott Brown was elected (Historic!), Tiger Woods is all over the news (Old news, really...high profile athlete, does something horrible, then asks for forgiveness), Vancouver is hosting the ‘Green’ Olympics (Green, as in no snow…), and well…for as much that has happened, so much is still the same.

A Short list:

• Unemployment is out of control
• Economy is in ruins
• Hope is fading
• BHO is still lying

The last point is significant. BHO recently spoke on the anniversary of the stimulus. He had some facts seriously distorted…about as distorted as making fart noises with your hand and pretending it’s the latest Michael Buble hit.

I'll give you one…because I don't have all day.

President Obama: “economists from across the political spectrum warn that if dramatic action was not taken to break the back of the recession, the United States could spiral into another depression.”

He must have been talking about TARP, right? Yeah…NO?!? I specifically remember that wording when TARP was signed...right? What? He was talking about the Stimulus? No, TARP. What?!? He WAS talking about the stimulus. See where I am going here?

Anyone else remember, before BHO and the Democratic congress presented us with a bill that bankrupted our grandchildren. Before the nearly $0.24 cents of every dollar you make is going to the Government. Do you remember?

He said the stimulus would help stave off unemployment and keep it below 8%. Umm, Mr. Obama, unemployment is now estimated to be above 11%. 11%!!!! And growing….!

Since Obama has signed the stimulus, 4 million jobs have been lost. Let me rephrase that. In the last year, since that historic signing of the stimulus bill in Denver, CO; 4 MILLION JOBS HAVE BEEN LOST!

Glenn Beck said it best "Happy Anniversary, Stimulus"...Happy? Indeed.

I am so blessed to have a job right now…so very blessed; where is the change? Well, I guess from 8% to 11% is a change, its just not exactly the change you folks voted for. Don’t blame me…I voted for the other guy.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.