Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, well…

I’ve been really turned off by the amount of ‘expression’ I see in our youth today. It seems that Tattoos, Piercings and Poor Grammar are “hip”, “cool”, “sic”, and “off the chain” right now. Seriously, I remember the 80’s, and aqua-net headaches from all the big haired gals needing to ‘freshen-up’ in the hallways. Then there was the 90’s where people actually wore ‘hammer-pants’. I’m not completely naïve to say kids won’t be kids and phases won’t be phases. However, as a parent, and a business professional, I have to say…that’s as far as it should go.

Here’s the skinny (no offense to those of us with a few extra pounds); Big Hair, Funny Cloths, and catch phrases like “whoomp there it is” and “who let the dogs out” were temporary. Today’s “expressions” are no longer so temporary. Add to it the ‘hands-off’ parenting we see these days, and the ever-growing world of single parents, it’s hard to instill a sense of responsibility into the next generation.

We have accepted Celebrity rehab as a normalcy. We value popular opinion over self esteem. Don’t get me started on the television programming and the movie industry.

We, as parents, leaders, and managers of business need to 1st, set the expectations of appropriate attire, speech, and demeanor. It starts with us, and very well ends with us. The child, or later in life as an associate, is a reflection of us. As a parent we should be raising respectful, individuals, who reflect our own morals and values. As professionals we should be duplicating ourselves through mentorship and leading by example.

Kids, themselves, are capable of making the ‘right’ decision in most cases. When they come home wanting a tattoo, or nose ring, etc…don’t agitate them causing them to rebel. Talk to them about the impact of such a decision.

Seriously, or just show them a picture of this guy. He’s cool, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can't really debate you here because I agree with you. So, let me put a little more fluid on your coals.

I know a woman who is "raising" a teenage daughter. The woman is constantly rolling her eyes and offering slanderous remarks whenever anyone questions why the teenager dresses the way she does. You know the look. Dark clothes, piercing, black eye makeup, black nail polish. But I ask this question: where did she get the clothes? The woman bought them for her!!! So, how is it that this woman has any right to roll eyes or concur with the looks of disgust she gets from the people around them? SHE BOUGHT THE CLOTHES FOR THE TEENAGER TO WEAR...and then put her down for it.

Meanwhile, the teenager is chosing to wear these clothes as a statement. I wonder what the statement could be? I am different? I am unique? I am my own person?...All I have to say is try again. By setting out to express your individuality in this manner you have become just like all the rest. Not only do you all look the same, but you have all become a statistic. Then you all cry because people judge and outcast you until find yourselves left with maybe 1 or 2 friends...but then they too will slowly come to their senses, grow up and toss the rags. Where are you then? Pissed off? Searching for a gun to charge into a mall or school with so that you can let the world know just how unfair they all treated you? What about how you treated us with your pesimistic views, your rants and raves, your rebelleous and disrespectful ways? In the end you get pissed because you weren't accepted into today's society, but you were the one that so boldly seperated yourself from it to begin with. But don't worry, Alicia, I don't blame you. It's called bad parenting!!!