Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cabinet ‘Locke’d up?

Are you telling me, the Dem’s do not have any viable candidates for a cabinet that haven’t had a questionable past? Even Gary Locke, who was just announced to fill the revolving door position of Commerce Secretary nominee, will have to answer questions regarding a number of issues:

He was briefly linked to the scandal over foreign contributions to President Bill Clinton's 1996 campaign. In July 1998, he gave a deposition to the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight about his relationships with questioned Clinton donors. But the committee later said the deposition produced no evidence that Locke knowingly accepted illegal campaign donations.

Locke denied any wrongdoing, and he subsequently returned some checks tied to people implicated in the fundraising scandal, including $750 from John Huang. Huang, a former Commerce Department official, was the Democratic Party's chief fundraiser for the Asian-American population in the 1996 elections, and he became one of the central figures in the national Democratic Party fundraising scandal.

In December 1997, Locke's political committee was fined a maximum $2,500 by state regulators after it admitted breaking campaign finance laws during two out-of-state fundraisers in 1996.

in March 1998, state investigators cleared Locke of wrongdoing following complaints that he unlawfully took $10,000 in campaign contributions from members of a Buddhist church.

I’m just waiting for his taxes to come to light ;-) BHO needs to consider re-staffing his vetting committee...then again, perhaps that was part of his 4 million job agenda.

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