Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow, I’m all for peaceful demonstration, as long as it is just that, peaceful. Granted, in the below video we don’t get a view of what was going on with the Israeli supporters side of the street. For all we know they could have been shouting horrible things as well. But I just didn’t see it and can only speak to what I saw on the video. Horrible, horrible things and provoking that is not, and should not be, tolerated in any peace loving religion.

I feel that many Muslims have an identity crisis going on and that identity is in contrast to what I have always known as a fundamentally peaceful religion. The above video is clearly not a representation of a peaceful religion. I am not naïve to not believe that there is a lot more behind this demonstration than the events in Gaza over the last few weeks. I understand that for many of these young Palestinians they have never known or experienced peace. I also understand that because of which there are many emotions that are difficult to control.

I remember how angry we all were during 9/11, and what kind of emotional outrage it sparked in all of us. What we need to realize is that our 9/11, shocking as it was, is small in comparison to the everyday struggles in the Middle East. I know I will receive flack for that statement, and perhaps I deserve it, but if we are being honest with ourselves, the only reason we were so upset is because it happened to us. Don't get me wrong, I was shocked, and my heart went out to the many families that were affected. However, consider for one moment, what if an aircraft had hit the Eiffel Tower, what emotions would that have stirrred in us instead? London Bridge? The Kremlin?

I for one will pray for peace for all in Gaza, Palestinians and Israelis alike. I pray for peace in the Middle East. More importantly I pray for peace here in the US and am thankful for every day I am allowed to experience it.

Peace, be with you all.

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