Monday, January 5, 2009

Not surprised…

We’d rather talk about BHO’s abs than whats going on in the political arena. Fellow blogger nonsensibleshoes called it when he says the media is ‘running blocks’ for him. Seriously, latest report from Minneapolis Star Tribune states Al Franken up 225 votes after the latest recount. Then theres Bill Richardson backing out of Obama's nominee for Commerce Secretary due to some questions regarding major donors receiving state contracts.

Other than late night cracks from Leno, Conan, and Dave (mostly on Minnesota and not on Al Franken) no one would seem to have a clue that an election is one, so close, and two, potentially fraudulent. Which, as history has proven, won’t matter as Capitol Hill is now Dem. controlled and they will quickly move to seat Franken. Makes me wonder why there is even a recount.

Then on to Bill Richardson, if someone didn’t point it out to me I would be none the wiser. My local rags certainly aren’t talking about it. Remember when this guy was once a presidential hopeful? And a “smart choice” (Karen Kerrigan) Now he is under a Federal investigation, and all I can find is the same old “I have done nothing wrong” articles and BHO’s “with deep regret” … where’s the beef? If he is a scoundrel, lets talk about it. How hard can it be to find the $1.5 million contract awarded to a major donor (in this case: New Mexico Finance Authority to CDR Financial Products Inc., a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based firm whose president contributed thousands of dollars to political action committees established by Richardson). I have an idea; look for the only car in Beverly Hills with a “Richardson for President” bumper-sticker. It will belong to the guy with the fist full of money saying “what, me worry?”

So, again, why am I not surprised anymore?

(10 points if you can properly identify the real source of the “what me worry” quote; 10 points towards what I can’t say, how about an atta-boy?)

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