Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop, listen…do you hear that?

Stay tuned for a new interactive website/blog that I want to build. I had an epiphany today; As if God whispered directly into one ear as the other ear was listening to a man tell an amazing story about his dying mother-in-law and the incredible thing that happened to her right before she died.

After hearing this story, I smiled, and then I shed at least (2) tears.

I know it’s unfair not to tell the story now, and I truly want to. However, it wouldn’t be proper until I sat down and recorded every detail from the eyewitnesses, including asking for a copy of the pictures that were taken that day.

I was also drawn to a miracle that I personally witnessed regarding a little boy named Ezra. I want to tell this story and many others like it.

So, in an effort to spread real hope and to fulfill God’s calling; this project would be founded to seek out, document, and tell the story of the many miracles that happen everyday in this world.

Now, I have to admit, I have well over 10 years of business management experience interlaced with multi-disciplined end-to-end project management. I’ve served as a department head with more than 100 direct reports and have controlled multi-million dollar budgets. All that, and I am not completely sure how to begin this endeavor. Beyond the two stories I have to tell, I know I will have to actively seek and pursue more. Yet, I’m not worried. I know like many of us I have walked through this life with blinders on. I couldn’t see the very things happening around me. I have full faith that if I stop, and listen, and look around me...I will have all that I need and more.

Will you help me? All offers of assistance are welcomed and appreciated. Have you been witness to a miracle, are you willing to talk about it? Would you like to be part of an interview team? Please contact me…you might be very glad you did.

More to follow....

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