Friday, January 9, 2009

looking ahead...

Just read Politico’s article entitled: O-bummer (

Seriously, what do you expect from someone with such a lack of experience. Not to mention it’s going to be some time before all of the Clinton appointees get back into the swing of things for their 3rd term. After all, we are all a tad bit rusty when we’ve been out the game for a few years. Fear not Dem’s you’ll get your groove on and in no time you’ll be back to stepping all over my way of life with one hand in my pocket and the other furiously trying to take my Bible away. Go ahead, take it…I have many of the verses memorized and since I have an ever growing personal relationship with God, the book is really just a book. Since there is only so much money you can take from me before there is none left, you’ll soon be out of options since my soul is already promised ;-) “Have fun storming the castle!” (or destroying America, interchangeable unfortunately)

In other news, I now have (4) stories of miracles I am actively pursuing, ensuring we have first consent to use their story and are portraying the events as accurately as possible. I also have a lead on a 5th happening that occurred over Christmas. I can wait to get started on this.

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