Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where do we go from here?

It’s sad that without a governing moral foundation people are free to be “whatever you want to be”. Think about it, we are absolute liars raising kids to simply become confused, hurt, and lost when it comes to their identity. I refuse to tell my children they can be “whatever they want”, because it is simply not true and no one can will it to be. American Idol is a perfect example for illustrations sake. Every year you have folks that crack glass and are genuinely surprised to hear that they were awful. It’s a direct result of “support” in an avenue that you, simply put, have no talent for. Then, as they stomp away and use language not fit for printing, let alone repeating to an age appropriate audience, only further supports my theory as its clear these shrieking lunatics have zero coping skills; Another result of never having to deal with your feelings and a result of being coddled.

Morals? Guidance? The Bible is my families guide and moral authority when it comes to “right” and “wrong”. This is our foundation and it is why our children will actually have a hope and purpose rather than wander this life aimlessly wearing their underpants on the outside screaming “I am batman!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, when my child falls down and skins their knee while trying to slam dunk a basketball, I’m not going to make them feel bad because they aren’t ‘gifted’ with a gazelle’s leaping ability. I will absolutely comfort them, and work with them on their ‘jumping’ skills, but I certainly won’t tell them after discovering they can’t even touch the rim that they will be the next Michael Jordan if they just keep trying. They will likely have other talents that are more realistic, and should be supported. Truthfully, we are all great at some things and not so great at others. That’s just how it works; your talents are unique to you. You cannot ‘will’ it any other way. Can you learn other talents, absolutely, and there is nothing wrong with being good at a lot of things. Just don’t get fooled into thinking you are great at all things. Life is about successes and failures, both becoming your unique experience to have and use as you move forward and discover, for yourself, your calling.

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