Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unions are great!

Ahh, the good old days of unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and oppressive bosses. Wait? Is this the 19th century or the 21st? What is the purpose of OSHA? Aren’t there federal laws protecting the worker that limit the amount of hours as well? As for wages, well, I truly believe they are a supply and demand issue. You have a higher number of unemployed skilled workers, the pay corrects itself. I would say I believe in the market, and its fluidity when it comes to fair wages.

It’s my belief, and personal opinion, that the union is no longer necessary and in many cases detrimental to the success of our economy. They can be linked to why the auto industry is hurting so badly. Why the Airline industry is hurting. I even believe it can be linked to why education is not what it should be. Argue if you will, but this is my opinion.

I’d even challenge someone to point me to a union run industry that is thriving. I wish I had a more informative, inspirational post today, I do. I’m just not ‘feeling’ the union. A lot of this comes from the Auto Industry bailout that congress, wisely I might say, decided not to bail out. (so far anyway)

Corporate exec’s can’t ask for handouts when they are accepting $25 million /yr bonuses such as Ford Motor Co’s CEO did for 2007. You, as a CEO, should be embarrassed to accept a bonus, when you haven’t turned a profit in, how many quarters? This is not only Ford’s burden; GM’s CEO got $15 million last year.

BTW: Ford, Chrysler, GM, why aren’t Toyota and Honda asking for anything? Could it be that they manage their expenses better? Also, I just want to know, why are you building so many cars if they are not selling? Why are automobile prices still so high if no one is buying? I don’t like seeing good American workers lose their jobs, but I also have a terrible distaste for corporate waste.

'Triumph the Insult Comic dog' has it right; "yes, yes, the bailouts are great....for me to poop on!"

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