Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We all grew up admiring heroes, thinking for a moment; what if I were ‘Superman’, or 'Batman', or even 'King Arthur'? As technology advanced, we were even able to put ourselves into the hero role, making heroic decisions. We are able to manipulate history and control vast armies in video and board games and being drawn into what it must look and feel like to be a hero through film and song. We can even create and completely control alternate online egos in virtual worlds. I think this may have put an unfair burden on our calling. What if your calling did not live up to your expectations? What if you suddenly realize you have no control over your role? I've heard this fro mpeople who are constantly searching for their calling. People may dismiss their calling because it does not live up to their expectation. How selfish can we be?

I firmly believe that we all must accept that we are small parts to a much larger machine. My daughter watches the Bee Movie, like most 2 year olds, she has to watch “bees” all of the time (With my son it was Shrek, not sure of the message we allowed there...hmmm). However, with the Bee movie, I’ve learned to like it as well; it has humor, and has a message. The message: that now matter how small of a role you have; if you do it really well, it is a really good thing. Like making honey for instance; how does a tiny insect that by all known laws of aviation should not even be able to fly, produce something as wonderful as honey while maintaining the ever delicate balance of nature through pollination. The movie goes on to say it takes a lot of bees doing a lot of small jobs.

I know that If you listen to God’s call and answer this calling, you will be fulfilled. There is nothing insignificant about that. It doesn’t affect your ‘identity’ if you follow your faith. You are no less a part of the master plan as anyone else. Os Guinness writes in “The Call” (Ch. 3, P. 25) “So when it comes to identity, modern people have things completely back to front: Professing to be unsure of God, they pretend to be sure of themselves. Followers of Christ put things the other way around: Unsure of ourselves, we are sure of God.”

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The Black Sphere said...

Nice post! Good spiritual message without being heavy handed. What I find interesting about life, is just when you believe you have it "in control", something unexpected decides to "Ike" you, and call you "Tina"! In my humble opinion, that is God's message that you are but a ship upon the ocean. And only He knows when the storms will rage. And if you put your faith in Him, then you can weather any storm. Keep at it, my friend!