Thursday, November 6, 2008


Let’s get one thing straight; Don't challenge my ‘fanhood’. My ‘fanhood’ has survived a cross country move to Patriot Country (3yrs in Boston, living in Foxboro…I’m sure you can imagine the pressure); 3 heart-wrenching superbowl losses (I wasn’t aware of the game much in ’78, when they lost to the Cowboys or I’d count the 4 franchise losses), several losing seasons and the ‘Elway-Effect’ (QB’s not able to live in Elway’s shadow since his retirement). Granted, in ’97, and ’98 I was able to witness the rare back-to-back accomplishment, but that can only carry a superficial fanhood so long before one might jump to another bandwagon. What I’m trying to say is, I’m a true fan, have been, am, and always will be. So what I offer is honest feedback regarding the team I love to root for. Here it goes…

Cutler: You’re arm may be stronger than Elway’s but you knowledge of the game can use some improvement. Stop, I beg of you; stop telegraphing your passes. I was there, in the South Stands, on Sunday vs. the Dolphins. I knew who you were throwing to from the second deck. There’s no question the DB’s did too. Turnovers…ugh.

Marshall: Come on, seriously, haven’t you garnered enough attention this year without provoking Joey Porter? You’re a machine, go produce yards and touchdowns and let your actions achieve the attention you more likely deserve.

Shanahan: Take control of the defense; if the schemes are too complex, simplify them. You’re an offensive genius, you know where the holes are. Analyze your own defense as if you were creating an opposing game-plan. Even I can manage a top-10 list of issues and implement a performance improvement plan to eliminate them.

OK, ok, on to the good news. Defense held the ‘Wildcat’ to negative yards, and overall held Miami’s rushing to under 75. That’s awesome! Your next opponent, Cleveland, is averaging 2.8yds per carry. D-up! Here’s a chance at what could very well become a trend in the right direction.

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