Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to basics...

Let me begin with this, I am a Republican...(now if you care to read more...by all means, do so)

I have wondered what could have been the tide turner in our most recent elections. I am settling on not taking a firm moral stand. The Republican Party, at one time, was known as socially conservative, morally sound, fiscally responsible, and focused on our nation’s security (from both domestic and foreign threats).

Hear me out: We can’t relate to those who are governed by their bellies. In the case of the most recent election, you have people feeling threatened economically, losing their homes, their jobs, their abundant lifestyle, which was all funded on credit. Credit is the promise to repay a debt; unfortunately, it was flawed because it was very loosely based on the ability (or lack there of) of a person to repay the debt. To repay a debt is the morally correct thing to do. However, if you are without morals, you have no foundation that binds you to your debt. You simply want to be relieved of it with as little impact on your belly as possible. What happened to staunchly supporting the idea of individuals being economically responsible for their own actions and decisions?

This, historically, is how kings are born. We are in crisis, pleading for a strong leader to rescue us, relieve us of our suffering (aka. Debts) and we will follow almost blindly as long as we remain comfortable. Gradually granting this new leader more power, as long as it is good for us, and poof: Instant king emerges. Democracy is lost.

Looking back at our forefathers, who initially wrote the declaration of independence as well as our constitution. They knew, at the very core, that man is not good by nature. The three branches of government, the check and balance system, was created for this very reason. To not allow one person, or party, to govern on a sole agenda.

It is my opinion, that due to the decline or moral values, that we, as a society, could not write a proper constitution today. It would contain far too many inclusions, and exceptions rather than governing rule of law.

Now, let’s start thinking about 2010 (at least 35 senate seats will be contested), and 2012 (presidential election) when we can finally earn back our place in government. I say earn, as I firmly believe we have lost the faith of our traditional voting base. I personally feel it is because we did not take a firm moral stand against our opponents. We failed to push the pro-life issue and we didn't force a dialogue on traditional marriage which failed to ignite our conservative base. We did not articulate our national security, McCain's strength, and we failed to argue fiscal responsibility and accountability when our banks were lending on greed rather than one's ability to repay a borrowed debt.

A former Director I reported to said it best “We need to get back to the basics; blocking and tackling” I’m sure he borrowed it from Lombardi or another famous football coach, but I remember it best from my boss. That, and the abundance of ice-cream he ate. Odd guy, but he was right about “getting back to basics…”

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