Friday, November 14, 2008

Sports...looking forward to the weekend

Ok, back to the Broncos; Big weekend with Atlanta. Jason Elam (now with the Falcons) faces off against his former team (the Broncos). ‘The Tater’ (Tatum Bell) has returned (with his own luggage I assume). Coach Shannahan says Tatum is not quite in football shape yet (considering he was managing a T-Mobile in a mall the last 4 mos, I’d agree, who can resist a Cinn-a-bon when they are right there). That said, with the condition of the Broncos running back corps I think he’ll get a few carries. Let’s see if he can maintain his 4.9 yds /p carry average. It’s amazing to me that a man that was considered expendable in Detroit (0-7) is being hailed a savior to the Broncos running game.

My opinion, the Broncos ‘D’ will have trouble containing Michael Turner. Shannahan will over compensate with a safety in the box and Matt Ryan will have a huge day.

Brandon Marshall will likely pull double coverage from the Falcons 'D'. Look for Eddie Royal to have several intermediate opportunities. Also, with Tony Sheffler still ailing, we won’t see the deceptive 2 TE Set too often if at all. Likely a lot of 3 WR slot sets (Marshall, Royal, Stokely) with another big day for Jay Cutler. Due to the formation limitations, the run will be less easy to hide and the Falcons will be able to settle into a Situational D guided by down and distance rather than be off balance and reactive.

Can you tell I miss the 2-TE set? You can disguise running and pass plays much more effectively. Hurry back Tony Sheffler, then maybe we can win a play-off game. Since the AFC-Worst is exactly that, the Broncos should have no problem reaching the pre-season goal of making the play-offs. Odds are, Denver will face the #1 seed based on record. That will hurt.

Other sports related news, the rise of Jimmy Johnson in the NASCAR world is uncanny. The season finale to the 36 race NASCAR season wraps up in Homestead. FL. Johnson is about to accomplish what only one other driver in history has been able to achieve. A 3-peat for the Championship. Cale Yarborough, an amazing driver, is the only other person to win 3 Championships in a row. What makes it more monumental is the #48 team of Jimmy Johnson has endured 3 seasons of rule changes, car changes, and other challenges including crew chief suspensions an still is dominating. Only Carl Edwards (the back flip guy and driver of the #99) has a chance to play spoiler. Jimmy Johnson only needs to finish 36th or better to clinch. I can call it right here, Jimmy 3-peats. Congrats to the #48 team and Hendrick Motor Sports.

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