Friday, November 21, 2008

Broncos update…

I am going to this weekend’s game, taking my brother again. I’m going to force him to listen to Dennis Prager (Radio Personality, Conservative, Judeo-Christian theologian….smart guy) on the drive to Denver ;-) I’m not trying to convert him or change his mind, I just have a CD where Prager talks about many of the humanist effects on culture and even to the non-religious it is fascinating.

Those that don’t know my brother is not exactly a follower of Christ. He still refers to the Bible as a B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Those that know me know I am never overt in my Christianity, just if asked, I will provide my best Christian Worldview answer.

Back to the Broncos: Raiders week, grrrrr. I am so anxious to get there. Anyone else attach their tickets to their fridge with magnets? Since I am in the fridge often, I see them often, and euphoric rushes begin to resonate throughout my body. I guess you would say I’m pretty hyped.

Brandon Marshall was suspended for their 1st meeting, and still the Broncos picked them apart. That was with Stokley, Jackson, and Royal. With the Rookie WR Eddie Royal schooling the 2-time pro-bowl CB DeAngelo Hall. The now Hall-less Raiders with have to account for Marshall. Likely drawing the cover of Nnamdi Asomugha , arguably the most feared CB in the NFL (Arguably as I still consider Champ Bailey the most feared CB in NFL history, let alone today). I don’t think the Raiders can risk pulling Safety Gibril Wilson to double cover Marshall with Royal on the other side.

Hopefully we’ll witness another dismantling of the Raiders by the Broncos. I’ll enjoy a nice icy beverage, and get an autograph after the game. (Yes, I still stand in line as if I were 12 yrs old and pester these poor professionals for their names). At the Miami game I got Daniel Graham to autograph my Broncos Memorabilia, and left it on the Broncos Bus on our way home. Sad, sad, sad…

That said, I do have plenty of NASCAR, MLB, and NFL autographs so I’m still a pretty lucky guy.

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