Monday, November 10, 2008

Be happy! Seriously....

Interesting devotional this morning as well as reading in God’s Minute, Vol III (Auth. Schuller).

Let’s begin with the latter as most of us will be able to relate better to those words;

(Excerpt: God’s Minute, Vol. III by Schuller, ‘November 10’ ) “…Thank you God for making me as a creature to be decisive, and capable of making choices. You challenge me to make decisions even before I have all the answers. No wonder I get such energy and excitement from faith…”

Wow! Is that not the truth articulated in pages.

Now on to this morning’s devo. A co-worker held a special devotional this morning that spoke mostly of her visions and inspired thoughts over the last week’s historical election. She spoke of God’s will and the greatest gift is love; not truth, not faith, not hope, but love. It ended with a request to love, not fear, or be angry with our new administration. But to pray for them. I agree, completely. Palin said it best, when she concurred that the election was in God’s hands. Everything is, it is always God’s will. What I saw was millions of people inspired with hope for President-Elect Obama. I am hopeful that God will use this time to bring our nation together. We don’t always have to agree with our leader’s policies; but we cannot argue with God's. The beauty of God’s will is in the mystery. We can’t begin to understand it, and we should never fear or become frustrated because things didn’t go our way. I heard a Christian message over the weekend where the pastor said, “if God is in the passenger seat of your life, switch seats!”. Why can’t we just listen to reason ;-)

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