Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want to be a loser...sort of...

I remember watching a movie, where the main character, a pro-golfer, won a significant amount of money finishing in last place. I thought, well there it is. Play golf all day, and even if you come in last, you make a decent living. This got me to thinking; what other sports have significant payouts for coming in last?


The last race held in Homestead, FL on Nov. 16th, 2008; paid $61,876 to the last place finisher, Kurt Busch, who, due to an accident, completed only 207 of 267 laps.

A far cry from the $256,735 the Kenny Wallace received for coming in last in the 2008 Daytona 500 completing only 141 of 200 laps. (1st place was over 1.5 Mil).

Vroom Vroom, how can I qualify my Maxima?


De la Hoya v. Mayweather. This was a split decision in which Mayweather was considered, ultimately the winner.

De la Hoya took home $25 million, with his Golden Boy Promotions set to receive half of the pay-per-view revenue from more than 1 million homes, while "Pretty Boy Floyd" Mayweather, amassed $10 million for the fight.

Punch me out anytime; just give me the check in advance. I’m insured.

I think I’ve made my point here. In some cases, it pays to be a loser.

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