Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Worse before it gets better…

Since Obama is never really clear in what he is saying, I wonder if this is what he was referring to? ;-)


I have to admit, I didn’t know much about the IL Gov, but (and here’s the media for you) this article makes him sound like hardened garbage can sludge. I can’t wait for the wire-taps to become public, this will be a popcorn moment.

In other news, I am wary of this so called Fairness Doctrine. I agree that it is outdated, and unnecessary. I believe it does violate the 1st Amendment. However, I am not a Supreme Court Justice. So my opinion only matters with my vote. Which, I take very seriously and never miss poll, primary, or election. Over the next 4 years I plan to hold “election parties” in my home where family, friends, and even strangers can gather at my house, we’ll drive to the polls together, vote, and return home for food and fellowship. That’s another story for another time though, especially since I haven’t told my wife yet ;-).

Back to the Doctrine; Here we have a legislation that was repealed in 1987. In 2005 Dem’s started bringing it back into the limelight. Now, here it is again. The Fairness Doctrine basically requires media to provide opposing views regarding ‘Controversial’ subjects. If passed, it will have the greatest affect on Conservative and Christian Radio. Where everything is often deemed ‘Controversial’ to someone. Providing a pro-choice and pro-homosexual opinion would just turn these audiences off, if not outright offend them, since much of this audience holds deeply religious views. It will also adversely affect those who advertise on these stations, which in turn adversely affects these stations revenue.

I think Stewart Shepherd says it best in his video clip:

More of Stewart here:


If only I could trust executing the Fairness Doctrine would be done in a Hannity & Colmes fashion I’d be more accepting. Since I realize this is the media we are talking about, I become more concerned.

Now here is my little optimist dropping by to say a little something:

“Hi guys, I’m Rob’s optimist ;-) Isn’t it a great day!?!? It sure is. There are two good things, potentially, that can come from the Fairness Doctrine that the liberal media may be missing. 1st, they too will be required to present a conservative view…yep. Oh Happy Day, and good luck to you CNN. Also, since Blogging is still unregulated, perhaps the conservative voice will go underground and we can begin talking sense to the masses as they likely will cancel their newspapers (wait, that already happened), turn off their TV’s (which is a great thing if you ask me), set all their radio stations to sports talk radio (since everything else will be too confusing), and subscribe to my blog! Yaaaaaayyyy!”

Thanks little optimist, you’re always so chipper!

“Thank you Rob, you’re always so darned handsome and well spoken!”

Well said….here, here.

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