Monday, December 22, 2008

Conspiracy theory…

I’ve held a suspicious conspiracy theory for about [3] weeks now. Want to hear it? Here it goes….

The Broncos will have to play the Chargers to decide the AFC West. Amazingly, it has happened, it is not longer a theory but an actual occurrence. You may ask yourself, then why is this a conspiracy theory, what events could possibly lead you to believe in more than chance itself? Here’s my take:

Jay Cutler vs. Phillip Rivers

These two have had a long standing feud ever since 2007 when the two exchanged taunts. I personally remember seeing Rivers start it, but hey, I am also biased. Every sport needs a rivalry (Earnhardt v Gordon, Yankees v. Sox, Avalanche v. Red Wings, etc…); it doesn’t hurt that these two young QB’s came into the league around the same time, play in the same division, and are both quite charismatic.

The feud has even gotten press as recent as 12/4; Yahoo! Article: ; A google search will turn up quite a bit more on this ongoing feud.

Come from behind/Cinderella story

The Chargers were down [3] games and were counted out. The Broncos have held the division lead since the 1st game of the season. No one expected to see the Chargers in this situation. Yet, here we are, they have played tough, and put themselves in a position to do something that has never been done. Everyone loves an underdog.


What a ratings machine this will be. NO TEAM has ever lost a division lead when up by [3] games; well, the Broncos have officially done it. The winner of this weekend’s match-up will win the Division, and host a play-off game. In an era of declining ticket sales, the recession, and lack of an exciting story; The NFL has managed to produce a week 17 match-up that actually matters. Seriously, when most teams will be playing their benchwarmers to stay healthy for the play-off, and most fans tune out for lack of interest. Now there is something to buzz about in the NFL, imagine that. THIS JUST IN: The Broncos/Chargers game has just been moved ot prime time. Kickoff is not 8:15pm ET (From 4:15pm ET)

You tell me if this is all mere coincidence ;-)

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