Thursday, December 18, 2008

The power of Twitter…

The power of Twitter…

I’ve been on Twitter for about as long as I’ve held this blog ( I’ve found the key is to be active on Twitter, and for that sake, I have only been active for a week. It all started with curiosity, but now I’m finding it to be a useful way to spread information. I also think it takes advantage of need for quick spurts of information due to our ever shortening attention spans.

I have [3] examples of creative uses of Twitter:

1st; #TCOT, or True Conservatives On Tweeter (, have been incredibly active with a ranking function to identify who is the Top Conservative; they have recently launched a new campaign that is getting tremendous buzz. Operation: Three Little Piggies (re: The piggies being: CEO of Chrysler, CEO of GM, and UAW President)

2nd, had an interesting interactive way to drive a targeted audience to their site. Why not? Who wouldn’t be curious to predict the height of their baby?

3rd, You may have heard of the Comcast stalker; well, in a sense it is a proactive way to meet a client’s needs before they call you. They have an agent, or agents sift through the “tweets” looking for people mentioning Comcast, and proactively call them if they mention trouble with their service. It’s a good idea and other service industries should take note. (GM, Southwest, and JetBlue have since followed suit)

I honestly feel this is just the tip of the Twitter iceberg as several new ‘tweeter-apps’ are being released daily to further the ease of use…such as:

(To shorten URL’s since you are limited to 140 characters per tweet)

(Enables you to use Twitter from MS Outlook)

Many others can be found here:

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