Monday, December 15, 2008

It's always money...

I’ve decided not to talk about the Broncos. I do not need any reminders of a terrible outing vs. a very good Carolina team. My prediction of a 1st round play-off loss still stands. That is, if the Broncos make the play-offs; this very well could come down to the final game of the season vs. Sand Diego and re-ignite the Jay Cutler/Philip Rivers feud. Rivalries can be good, high blood-pressure and heart break aside.

On to BHO; I read results of a recent Zogby poll stating 71% of “born-again” Christians opposed the Freedom of Choice Act; yet many of these “born again” Christians are the very same people who voted for BHO. I know I keep going back to this, but with the media distortion I felt many Christians weren't able to see the policy vs. the personality difference. They were, in effect, led astray. The rude awakening will be when they figure out that many of BHO’s policies are indeed in direct conflict with the Christian faith. Ex: BHO’s campaign promise to Planned Parenthood to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as “the first thing I will do as president”. This act virtually removes all State and Federal laws regarding abortions, such as parental notifications in the case of a minor (that's right, you're daughter can have a Federally funded abortion and you'll never know), and informed consent for women. Remember, this is a bill that BHO co-sponsored in the Senate.

Then there’s the 81% of “born again” Christians that support the ban on partial birth abortions, yet BHO voted against such a ban [4] times while in the senate.

Then there’s the say one thing yet do another; BHO’s position of saying he does not support gay marriage but making another campaign promise to strike down the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. Why? This is not a reflection of many deeply held religious values by Christians, Jews, or Muslims.

So you might ask yourself, what purpose does it serve? I know, I know; money, of course.

PP has turned abortion into a cash-cow. With Federal and State tax dollars they’ve been able to create a considerable cash surplus. Since they are a “non-profit” that money has to be spent. Wait, so why do my tax dollars support this industry again? They obviously have more than enough money to continue their mission of infanticide. Oh, that’s right, they can put that money back into the hands of the politicians that keep granting them the funds. That makes sense? Huh? What?

We get upset at oil companies for their ‘windfall profits’ and demand the government ‘do something about it’ by taking away their tax breaks; why do we not get upset at other government tax breaks and funding to companies making profits? As long as abortion remains birth-control for the immoral, and population control for children who may be born with special needs, it will continue to grow and remain profitable for those who support it. The excess is then funneled into politics, and there you have it, an endless cycle.

People get militant at the thought of mixing religion and politics, here’s a thought, get militant at mixing money and politics. Then, maybe, your government will actually work for you.

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