Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The sound of one hand clapping...

My mind is better off now that I’ve seen the arguments for Intelligent Design, and I would say the same for the youth of america. It interesting to see how absolute scientists are regarding Natural Selection. I have to say, that if scientists were so absolute on Newton’s Laws the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity would never have taken hold.

I’ve never seen so adverse a reaction as when you even mention the ‘possibility’ of Intelligent Design into a scientific conversation. Last I remember the purpose of science was to hypothesize, then test, objectively. That part that really gets me on the subject is there are unexplained issues and flaws within the Darwinists theories, but somehow, through scientific community’s insistence, they are beyond reproach; such as: the failure to account for the origin of life from non-living matter, or the failure to account for natural selection’s demonstrable inability to produce any new genetic information, or the failure to explain immense complexities like the single cell, the eye, or the ear (problem of irreducible complexity). If you cannot admit to the possibility, then science itself is doomed.

I personally believe in God, and God as our creator. But that does not mean I can’t look at both sides of an argument. I believe the issue of the scientists is they have to admit that there is a possibility of a God to be able to enter into such a conversation. Which is so weird because some of these guys are die-hard sci-fi fans and dress up as Romulans, study Klingon, and dream about slaying dragons. However, the chance that there might be an omnipotent creator…well that’s fantasy. I also love how that actually removes the possibility of alien intervention, something most of these guys do believe in. How can you support both UFO’s and Natural Selection? Laughable…now go play with your Spock ears.

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