Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why doesn’t anyone ask why?

Why is the illegal immigrations efforts all about Mexico? Why is it all about the poor Mexicans? And, why are the Latinos so fired up?

Let’s take a look at the problem from another point of view. Let’s pretend, pretend now, that you are an Asian illegal immigrant. How does one group get to be so large, anyway? Wouldn’t you want to know why millions of Mexicans can get into this country without a screening? Wouldn’t you, for one moment, wonder why this is a Mexican issue when you are just as illegal as a Mexican illegal immigrant?

What if you were an Australian, Swede, Indian, or even a Brit, who has over stayed their visa (which by the way is another large reason people are in this country illegally, overstayed visas, not because they crossed the border from Mexico) Wouldn’t you be concerned that this issue seems to be just a Mexican issue? You want a path to citizenship as well, but no one is hearing your cries. Want to know why? The answer: Volume…

You aren’t the likely voter, and there just isn’t enough of you yet…plain and simple. Fair, nope. Racist, perhaps. is what it is.

Hispanics make up the single largest growth of voters from any other racial voting block. The Hispanic voters are growing so quickly they could potentially outnumber the African American voters within the next few years. So why is it a hot button issue? Your politicians want their votes. By pandering to this voting block, whether right or wrong, and don’t get me wrong, it’s coming out of both parties…they think they can win over the likely voters of this group.

Black, White, Asian, Evangelical, Jewish, Right Wing/Left Wing, doesn’t matter. Sure, they want your votes too, but they see their keys to the capitol coming from the Hispanic Voting block.

So America, it’d be good for you to learn Spanish, so you can be able to speak appropriately to your new neighbors. Why? It’s the neighborly thing to do…Adios!

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