Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PC...is not OK

Politically Incorrect Warning; if you really think terrorists are middle aged white men in their 40's, you probably work for the MSM...or the TSA.

MSM got the Times Square terror suspect wrong. In the video grab, the only thing you could say for certain about the suspect, was that he wasn't black. Somehow they came up with a White Male, in his 40's. Turns out he was a 30 year old Pakistani-Born US Citizen. This guy!

Heaven forbid we associate anyone Middle-Eastern with terrorism.

What's more disturbing is this man made it all the way through airport security, onto a plane...which was cleared for take-off. He paid cash, for a one-way ticket to Dubai. He didn't have any luggage.

How does this happen? Simple: the TSA has it all wrong too. I'm sorry, but little old blue-haired ladies are not blowing up planes. They aren't paying cash for one-way airline tickets and mysteriously void of luggage. Yet I am constantly seeing them in the search-me cube at local airports. Why is it not OK to profile in the case of National Security? Why are we so afraid to offend when it could save lives?

I don't know about you, but if I were the Middle-Eastern guy, getting onto an international flight, I think I'd make it a point to let everyone know I was safe. I'd request to be searched, have my luggage in hand, and wear my round-trip ticket in plain view. Just so you would stop looking at me out of the corner of your eye....seriously.

I'm guilty, I intentionally look for he middle eastern guy on any flight I am on...I make eye-contact...I give the nod...I AM profiling...sue me.

I sometimes feel the same way when it comes to the police; if you are dressed like a thug, hanging out in a group of thugs, with your pants hanging half-off your backside wearing a t-shirt that says "F Da Po-Po" or "Snitches get Stitches", you deserve to be pulled over or questioned. Sorry...I'd feel the same way if you were wearing Nazi emblems with shaved heads. It's not a 'color' thing per sey, it's a who's most likely to be up to no good thing...

This brings me to Arizona; How dare they make being in this country illegally a crime. Shame on them for enforcing laws the Federal Government has been falling short on. I think it is unfair that they are being labelled as bigots; There are more than 3 million people in the US who have overstayed their visas. It's not exclusive to Mexicans, and it is just as big of an issue as crossing our porous border. Would it be fair if they asked everyone their citizenship status when making police contact? Yep. Equally unfair is therefore fair...ask away I say. You may just save someone's life.


Anonymous said...

So police should pull over anyone who has their pants hanging off their ass? I thought we lived in a free country?

And I guess it's okay in your eyes to be murdering Muslims (and possibly soon Persians) in their country? How is that different than some of them being sick of it and coming here to do the same to us?

Why don't we just bring the troops home and defend our own borders?

frmrDJ said...

Hi Anonymous; I agree the troops should come home. I live in a Military town and have seen far too many families torn apart over this war that has gone on too long. Let the Iraqis and Afghanis govern themselves...they can figure it out, they are smart people, they should be ready by now. However, that’s about all we can agree on. Muslims are murdering more Muslims than any other group, but that is neither here nor there, nor anywhere near the purpose of my posting. No one is advocating murder...my post is honestly about preventing murder if anything. So what if a cop shakes you down, if you are innocent then you should have nothing to hide. If 30 yr. old white guys were terrorizing the world, I'd totally understand it if I had to answer extra questions before getting onto a plane. I’ve waited in lines at the airport for far less meaningful issues in the past. I have traveled all over the world and other countries do not have anywhere near the restrictions we apply to ourselves here in the US. Sorry...again, I say ask away…I apologize if someone delays your plane or hurts your feelings with their line of questioning.