Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Herd vs. Heard...a lesson in homonyms

Homonym: Two words that sound the same, and may even be spelled the same, but have two different meanings: Ex Trunk, as in an Elephant's Trunk or the Trunk of a Car (Maybe that's why the British call it a Boot...another Homonym by the way)

Being Heard is what I am most concerned with these days. The Tea Party seems to have it right; they are rallying together to be Heard. But the MSM would have you beleive thay are a different kind of...herd. A mob even...but mob is not a homonym and that would not be as much fun ;-)

The true Herd, I can honestly say, are the Sheeple who mindlessly vote for candidates based on what they've heard rather than going out and doing actual research. Like looking up voting records, or considering who is backing a particular candidate, or where is the campaign money coming from? Always follow the money, that's what I say. The money will tell you who the candidate will be working for in the long run.

More of the Herd are the people condemning the Arizona Immigration Bill without having actually read the bill. Those people include some of it's largest critics: Janet Napolitano, BHO, AG Eric Holder and P.J. Crowley, assistant secretary of State for public affairs, who is already apologizing to China for the Bill.

Seriously though, if you can’t read a 2300 page Healthcare Bill, may as well not read a 10 page Immigration Reform Bill…makes sense, right? Left! No! Confusing to me too…

Here's the it; I have, and nothing appears to go beyond enforcing EXISTING Federal laws. In Fact, that very point is spelled out in the Bill. On the 1st page even.

The best yet is Mexico's President Felipe Calderon; who is joining the herd. Mexico has some of the more extreme anti-immigaration laws in the Western Hemisphere...where does this guy get a leg to stand on here? Shouldn't he be more concerned with why his people are defying the law to enter into the United States illegally? We are soooo oppresive and unfair but people are risking their lives to get here, why is that?

I have a feeling that if our contry keep heading in the direction it has been, we will soon be climbing that fence to get out. Maybe thats what is bothering poor Felipe? Hmmm...

Bottom line; its one thing to be heard, it’s another thing completely if you are just another part of the herd.

Which are you?

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