Friday, March 6, 2009

Pork? Where's the beef?

Wow, my head is spinning. Notice I haven’t blogged in a few days? You’re not the only one.

All I’d be spouting is how spending this unimaginable amount of money is ridiculous. But now I’m starting to get it…the inexperience of the POTUS is beginning to show.

I’m not sure why I’m shocked that:

BHO hasn’t lived up to his campaign promises.

Where’s our (5) days to read every bill that passes his desk prior to him signing it?
Where is the "Scalpel "to cut out all of the ‘irresponsible’ spending?
What happened to "No new taxes for anyone making less than $250k", so far so good unless you just so happen to use electricity…sheesh. At least the Amish are safe from that one.

How is going to basketball games and police academy graduations , filling in his Secretary of HHS (Sebelius), and filling a FEMA Director (Fugate) takes priority over economic crisis. The brilliant Tim Geithner still hasn’t filled out his posts in the Treasury Dep’t.

How about the pork-a-palooza road show to sell us on why "we had to do it"? Does anyone know how much it costs the US taxayer everytime Air Force 1 is fired up? Mmmm hmmm...fiscal responsibility at it's finest.

How can you blame the new Porkulus (Porkulus II, Revenge of the Pork) on the past administration? It is coming across your desk, right? If that’s the case, send it to Texas, let Bush sign it. The fact is Porkulus II has was put on hold last year, awaiting the liberal POTUS knowing they can get a bigger payout. Duh…

So, my wife and I are looking at our monthly expenditures, cutting out the excess. We go over our expenses and figure out what is a want, and what is a need. For now, we both are gainfully employed, but with an uncertain outlook, who knows for how long. So we are making preparations to best weather the storm.

Why isn’t the government doing the same? My Starbucks habit, gone…their Bacon Bits (or literally, study of pig smell at a cost of over $1 million of my tax dollars), should go…better yet, give me the $1 million + dollars and I’ll tell you right now…pigs, their farms, and feed lots…smell. For that money I’ll throw in some charts and graphs, and I’ll even leather-bound it.

Pork, it's what's for dinner.... right?

I’m just going to burn all of my money when I get home, at least I’ll get some warmth from it.

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