Monday, March 9, 2009

Pork...with a side of Distraction

Why oh why is Rahm Emmanuel launching a strategy to link Rush Limbaugh as the voice of the Republican party? Why are we picking on Rush Limbaugh? One word…distraction. It’s actually a pretty good one considering the current status of the GOP.

Rasmussen Reports recently published results stating 68% of Republican Voters say their party has no clear leader, while nearly 17% remained undecided.

The White house plan, being executed by Rahm is:

Purpose: To divert the attention from the massive spending and negative focus building upon the POTUS.

Plan: Get the GOP to defend that Rush is NOT their leader all the while fighting about who is when there really isn’t a frontrunner at all.

Secondary Objective: Use Rush’s immeasurable ego to fan the flames.


Here’s the good news, anyone with ½ a brain is not following it.

I agree that the GOP currently has no Frontrunner. I agree That Bobby Jindal had a bad 1st outing that may have damaged him politically if he can’t follow it up with a STRONG second change on an upcoming national stage soon.

However, the truth is no one is going to stick their necks out just yet, not until closer to 2012. Plus, as much as I hate it, there will be backdoor deals to garner support from powerful party insiders before someone is more or less, appointed as the party ‘frontrunner’ from a conclussion of several behind-the-scenes agreements. This uis the ad reality of politics until someone comes out of nowhere speaking true passion for the county with incredible charisma (Reagan-esque)

Who would I support? That’s easy…

Mike Huckabee: He has been in the spotlight quite a bit and has made no obvious missteps. Very sharp, conservative, positive image.

Mitt Romney: He looks to have taken a step back, out of the spotlight, but very business savvy and could help with current economic condition.

Bobby Jindal: Very charismatic governor of Louisiana, has a keen political mind, and a brilliant self promoter (remind you of anyone...Obama?…)

Sarah Palin: Though she has taken a step out of the spotlight as well, she set valuable ground work during the last election cycle that can pay off in the future. She ignited the conservative base and is a powerful draw for female supporters, many of whom could come from the independents. I really think she should focus on 2016 since she is so very young and was proven to be a bit unseasoned, which Obama is proving to be his biggest weakness.

This all begs me to ask a still unanswered question:

Whis the Leader of the Democratic Party? Obama always speaks ah, umm, with ah, Teleprompter, ah, umm, who ah, is writing ah his speeches then?


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