Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Parents, listen up; this IS how it should be.


Incident Date
September 7, 2009
12:29:00 PM
Sand Creek
Shift I

854 Chapman Drive
Officers of the Sand Creek Division and the CSFD were dispatched to a burglary involving an apartment fire. Investigation revealed that three children entered a vacant apartment by an open window and put some twigs on top of the stove. The twigs started to smoke when they turned on the burner. The apartment was not damaged and the children were unharmed. Two parents, Desire Jones and Pablo Salayandia-Marquez, were served a summons for child abuse/neglect. A third parent, Nicole Watkins, for obstructing a police officer. The burglary case against the children was exceptionally cleared by statute due to their ages, 4 thru 6. The children were released to their parent.
Adults Arrested
Nicole Watkins, Pablo Salayandia-Marquez and Desiree Jones

I can guarantee, in no uncertain terms, that if more Parents were held accountable to the actions of their children, there would be much less juvenile delinquency.

I hear it all to often, “my kids are out of control”; how did they get that way? Children are a product of their environment. Like plants, feed them well, nurture them, and they produce amazing results. Children are no different.

Educate them, teach them right from wrong, and hold them accountable for their choices. Is this really that hard? In the above article, where were the parents? And where did the THINK their 3 children were. Ages 4-6, did anyone else catch this?

My daughter is 3, in one year will she know how to break into an apartment? (My daughter knows not to go into the refrigerator without asking 1st); collect fire making materials, and turn on a burner…

My point is, these children had to have learned this behavior from somewhere. Not one action performed in the above police-blotter is ‘natural behavior’.

I will stay tuned for the full police report as well as the court docket ;-) I can’t wait to see “my kid would never…” excuses these parents come up with.

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