Monday, September 14, 2009

My, My, My…

So, I tried to hold it in; I tried to avoid any political discussions on my blog…turns out, I can’t do it. I waited several days after the infamous Rep. Joe Wilson “You Lie” comment. I wanted it to play out so I wouldn’t have any words to pen. Turns out, the Lame-Stream Media didn’t cover it correctly (imagine that). They played the 'disrespectful' card…on one of the smartest men in congress, who by admission of most people in government is well-noted for crunching numbers and for his attention to detail. He, of anyone, knows what is funded, by whom, and what is written, by whom, into the versions of these ‘overhaul’ bills circulating in the House and Senate. He was part sponsor of the amendments that were stricken from the house bill which included language to expressly exclude Gov’t Funded abortion on demand (elective abortions); and the exclusion, through verification, of healthcare for illegals. Sure there is language in one version of this bill that says illegal immigrants are not eligible, but no enforcement language, and no requirement for anyone to verify their citizenship in order to apply for the public option (Harry Reid, D-Nev, said this would make the application process to cumbersome) Not even an ID requirement to verify your own identity. I get asked for my ID to buy items from my local grocery, is that too cumbersome? I might need some governmnt intervention here, that 16 year old behind the conveneince store counter won't let me purchase a lottery ticket.

Seriously…nothing will stop your tax dollars from paying for healthcare for illegal immigrants…get ready border patrol, you will soon be very busy. You will need the doughnuts to keep your carb count up with all of the running your about to be doing. Mmmm…doughnuts; Doh!

Ok, so in this country we don’t celebrate freedom of speech during a presidential address (oh and on Prime time, again…how much does this cost anyway?). We are instead supposed to watch our president, delay our sit-coms, and be force fed with another sales pitch. While the dem's, as if attached by string to Pelosi’s witch-like fingers, pop-up and down and applaud on command. I was over taken by an urge to play “Whack-A-mole” …but I digress.

To my point; Anyone else notice the use of the word “my” by BHO? Of the many plans circulating through the house, none are written by, or presented by the White House. Where is his plan? He used the phrase, under “my” plan quite freely.

So let’s get technical here: Rep. Joe Wilson, you can’t exactly call the president a liar; nope, apparently this is too disresepctful; and, because he could indeed be telling us the truth. If, and this is a huge if, BHO actually has drafted a healthcare reform plan, and, since no one has even seen it, it might just include/exclude a provision to not pay for elective abortions (doubtful, since PP is one of his biggest backers); his un-seen plan might include/exclude illegal immigrants from service; his plan might not increase the deficit, wait, no, that’s actually impossible…there is no other way to pay for this plan, the cuts he proposed are not enough. Oh an by the way, this will raise taxes for EVERY American, including the middle class…which you promised you would not do.

Mr. Wilson, you are correct, Mr. President, you are indeed a liar.

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